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Let me start out by saying “YOU LOOK GOOD TODAY!” I tell my wife that in the morning and she gives me a look back – “Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?” Well, first of all, my name is not Willis. And second of all, even though my intentions are honorable, they just don’t resonate with my wife when she feels not-so-good about her body size.

Is that something you can relate to? If so, you probably also know what is really important is how you feel about yourself internally, as well as the outside parts of you. It doesn’t matter what complements come streaming your way. If they don’t resonate with what is true for you, they can just make you feel worse.

Let’s talk about some ideas we can use to change that, OK?

I am guessing you have heard of the Keto diet. It absolutely ranks as the #1 diet going on right now and with the new year starting, many people are going to start on it. So we wanted to provide you some New Years tips about the Keto Diet. And more specifically, we want to share a New Years tip about a ketone called BHB and how it can support you with your ketogenic eating efforts.

Keto and BHB Ketones

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The simplest way to think of about what a Keto diet is, is that you eat everything except high carb foods. And for a healthy keto diet, you eat high quality, real foods, not packaged or processed.

We are going to share info about the Keto diet, the foods on a ketogenic diet, and about ketones like BHB.  We’ll explain what BHB is, how it relates to this way of eating, and how it can help you.

And finally, we are going to share tips on how to support your Keto journey by using BHB as a supplement.

What is a Keto Diet?

I remember being told that it was the carbs that gave us energy.  This is true.  When we eat carbs like pasta, breads, pizza, cereals, (my personal favorites are Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes – because – they’re GREEEAAAT!!!).  But those kinds of carbs can come with a price.

As most of us can see in the mirror, it is really easy to eat too many carbs.  What happens to the excess sugar that came from the carbs that didn’t get burned off by your metabolism, or from exercise? That sugar becomes fat and finds its home in our stomach area and at our love handles – which at this point are not so lovely.

Keto Diet Rules

So what foods are on the ketogenic diet?  What are the Keto diet rules?

If you are a rule follower, you will love this section and if you are not, we will keep this light for you, but you will still want to read this.

It might be helpful to know there are different versions of ketogenic diets.  There is the original, traditional version of course.  But some of the other popular versions include a ketogenic vegetarian diet or Mediterranean diet, a Keto primal diet and even a plant based ketogenic diet.

With the original version, foods on the ketogenic diet include all sorts of meats, fish, eggs, any type of non-starchy vegetables you can get your hands on, some dairy, some nuts and seeds, and you accompany all this with good healthy oils such as coconut, olive and avocado oils. Oh, by the way fruits are considered carbs so, yep, keep the fruit at bay – except avocados – you can eat lots of avocados – yummy.

With the other versions, like the plant based ketogenic diet, the keto primal diet, or the vegan or Mediterranean versions of the ketogenic diet, there are some additional rules and guidelines that help you decide exactly what to eat and what to avoid.

And just like with any dietary change, it’s also important to include physical activity.  Moving our bodies is an important part of any healthy regimen.

How to Keep the Keto Diet Healthy

For a healthy version of the traditional keto diet (or the keto primal diet, which is one of our favorites), you prioritize natural, unprocessed foods.

Sadly, the keto diet has sometimes gotten a bad rap. Some people compare it to the old Atkins diet, which caused health problems for some people. And people talk about the dangers of going into ketosis. That can be quite dangerous.  It’s important to understand this is a ketogenic diet, and part of the way you keep the keto diet healthy for yourself is to stay on top of measuring your ketone levels. (Important note: we are not doctors, and it is always that you talk with a medical professional about your personal situation when choosing to make changes in diet and exercise.)

Here are some other tips on how to make the keto diet healthy:

Focus on organic veggies, grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish, organic nuts & seeds, and high-quality fats.  It’s also good to incorporate a small amount of low-glycemic, organic fruits.  And some dairy is fine, especially if it’s something like butter or cream from grass fed cows or from goats or sheep.  (Just keep in mind that for some people, dairy causes inflammation.)

High quality fats can include avocado, cold-pressed coconut oil, coconut milk, grass-fed butters, ghee and more.  And these fats are one of the most important parts of the ketogenic way of eating.  Unlike older low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins, the keto diet involves eating only moderate protein.  And while it’s important to limit the amount of carbohydrate grams you are eating each day, it’s also important to eat plenty of veggies.

What’s great about the keto diet is that you really don’t feel as hungry as you continue to incorporate more organic, grass feed and good fats in your diet (or at least that has been our experience). Many people report that they have more energy and they start to look good.  Now if the foods we eat can help us look pretty, isn’t it a good idea to eat those foods?

What is Keto BHB?

Keto BHB Science

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

BHB is the acronym used for the ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is what keto BHB is. Bit of a mouthful, right?

If you’ve been researching the Keto diet, or if you’ve been following the diet, you’ve probably come across beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB supplements to help increase the levels of your BHB ketones.

BHB is one of three types of ketones that your body produces naturally, and is the one your body creates most abundantly. (The other two ketones are acetoacetate also known as AcAc, and acetone, but your body produces them in much smaller amounts.)

As you read more, you’ll learn how BHB ketones can support a healthy keto diet regimen and an active lifestyle.

How are Keto and BHB related?

So, if we don’t eat carbohydrates for energy, where do we get our energy when we are using the Keto diet rules? Glad you asked. With the Keto diet, when your fat is starting to break down, there are three ketones that your body naturally creates.  And BHB is the one your body uses the most when it comes to the keto diet, or eating in a ketogenic way.

First, it’s important to understand this… when the body does not have the sugar it generally uses for energy, your body will start to use your fat – this is what we want! Get the FAT on out of here!

Why are Ketones important?

When it comes to energy, your body is able to use two main sources of fuel: glucose and ketones.

Your body produces glucose by breaking down sugar and carbs. While it can be a good source of fuel, one of the drawbacks is the crash. Initially, you might feel energetic and alert.  But it’s not so fun when the “blood sugar crash” hits and your body is craving more carbohydrates.

Ketones become important when glucose isn’t available. And when you’re eating the right foods on the ketogenic diet, very little glucose is available for your body to use.

How BHB Can Improve Quality of Life

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Photo by VisionPic.net from Pexels

The process that happens with BHB is pretty phenomenal.  First, it’s helpful to know ketones are produced by the liver, and BHB is especially known for provide energy to our body and brain cells replacing the energy we got from the carbs and glucose before.

What’s great about having your body use ketones for energy is that the energy tends to be steadier.  When your BHB ketone levels rise, hunger tends to run more in the background, instead of being front and center.  People report not getting the hunger, cravings, and even distractions, when their bodies are using ketones as fuel.  This has been true for me and Shana when we are following the keto diet.

If you can go longer without thinking about food, some other things in life can have your focus.  You can focus on your work, your kids, hobbies, anything that matters to you.  You don’t need to be driven by your cravings.  (And it makes it easier to do intermittent fasting, which is a completely different subject, but is something many healthy keto dieters use to also improve their health.)

The Best Ketone Pills aren’t Pills at All

Core Keto BHB Spray w Leaves Many people supplement their keto diets with BHB supplements, also known as ketone pills or keto pills.  And now, it is with great excitement that we announce our new Core Keto Daily Spray, exclusively from My Daily Choice, to complement your keto diet and support your exercise regimen.

Our Core Keto Daily Spray is a new, powerful, micronized BHB supplement in a spray.  And this is why we say the best ketone pills aren’t pills at all!

All of our wellness sprays use a potent micronized spray technology that helps the supplements in the sprays become very bio-available (which basically means your body can use it, and use it efficiently). One problem with using pills or capsules is that your body needs to be able to break them down. Sometimes that works great. But sometimes it doesn’t. With the micronized technology we use, you are getting a balanced dose of wellness in an ultra-fine mist.  Want more info on the micronized technology we use for our sprays?  Learn more about our special spray technology here.

Core Keto Daily Spray

Core Keto BHB Spray PopoutWhat is terrific about our Core Keto Daily Spray is that it gives you the power of BHB, beyond what your body is able to create (or you can use it to help supplement while your body is working on creating the BHB naturally).  BHB is the energy enhancer you just read about above.

And with our Core Keto product, we packaged it in a convenient spray that is easy for you to use and easy to carry with you.  Using the Core Keto spray along with your diet is the perfect way to support a healthy keto diet regiment.  The Core Keto spray promotes healthy energy with BHB as the key ingredient.

If you are like most people, if something is easy and convenient to use or do, you will have a better chance of success with reaching your goals. So that is what we did with our Core Keto spray. One serving of Core Keto is 8 quick sprays under the tongue.  You can use all 8 sprays at once, or spread them throughout the day.  We also offer a special member pricing that makes it very affordable.

How To Use Core Keto BHB Daily Spray

Core Keto Spray Ingredients

Are you are a label checker? We are. So if you’re like us, we thought you’d appreciate appreciate having access to the label right here online:

Core Keto BHB Spray Label

You are going to love this spray! Hooray for BHB Ketones! And if you are anything like us, you love to share great discoveries with friends and family – and you can get some extra discounts by buying these sprays in our Daily Spray Value packs.

We want to wish you great success on your journey towards good health and energy!  And we would love to hear about your experience with the Core Keto spray.  Please drop us a note with your story!


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