8 Ways to Win with the My Daily Choice Compensation Plan

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How Do You Get Paid?

Best Business to Start From Home

When most people are looking to work at a job, they often don’t think to look at all the different ways they are compensated. Here’s how it usually works…

When people go for an interview, they focus on how they can get the job. They will sometimes ask what the job pays, and rarely think about negotiating their salary. And people really don’t think to ask “Who in this office makes the most money?” and “How can I get that position?”. 

And here is why… most job compensation plans are very limited. You exchange time for money. You work an hour, you get paid for an hour (unless you are on salary where you get paid a flat rate and work bunches and bunches of hours).  Does this sound familiar to you?

In the typical business, the company tries to find good workers and will only pay what they need to. And even if you become one of the best workers for the company, the compensation is still usually limited to a set range. That makes good sense for the company, but doesn’t always make the best sense for you. 

But how about this instead? What if you could have both?  What if you could find a company to work with whose compensation plan is designed with your best interests in mind and is set up to keep the company in business for many years to come?  So how would that work? Let’s take a look.

A Better Kind of Compensation Plan

There are many times when a typical job with a company is exactly what you need to survive. But where is your potential to thrive factored in?

We figured out that both time and income are really helpful when it comes to the concept of thriving instead of surviving. And while we have both worked at traditional jobs for many years, we found that when we had a good income, we didn’t have time. And when we had plenty of time, we didn’t have a good income.

So, when we found out there was a way to have both time and a good income, our interest was sparked and we had to learn more.  And after learning more, we decided to take action!  Are you following what we’re saying?

Work Online Part Time

Work Online Part Time

We were especially intrigued by the concept that there are ways to work online part time that can eventually replace, and ideally exceed, the compensation from your job. And this is what we are excited to share with you.

First the caveat… as with all good things, this takes work.  A business that gives you time plus a good income takes effort, and may require learning new skills.  This means it’s important to find an opportunity that has the right training, systems and tools so anyone, from any background, can learn to succeed. 

So how do you find a business that provides you training and tools that allow you to work online part time and create the kind of success you are looking for?

Finding the Best Compensation Options

You may have heard of things like affiliate programs and network marketing. The info you have may be positive or negative. But as one of our mentors says, the mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open. So if you are someone with an open mind, keep reading!

Opportunities exist with compensation that is virtually unlimited and doesn’t require you to work crazy hours – if you have the ambition and make the decision to put in the effort. But how do you find those opportunities? What criteria do you use to find the best of the best choices for you? 

How To Choose The Best Business Opportunity for YOU

Digital Nomad Jobs to Work From Anywhere

When looking for the best businesses to start, it’s important to look for a company with staying power, a company whose vision and ideals align with yours, and it’s important to be able to analyze whether the compensation plan will allow you to earn income as a beginner, as you are building and after you have built a successful business.  It’s important that the compensation plan is not top heavy.  (Some companies are set up so people at the top earn great income, but no one else.  Many corporate jobs are set up that way, where the CEO and VPs earn the great income, but not the worker bees.  That’s what we consider to be top heavy.)

You also want to look for something with relatively low startup and maintenance costs so you can get into profit mode as quickly as possible.  For example, if you were to invest in a franchise, or a brick and mortar business, it could take 1-3 years (or even more) to get into profit mode.  If you spent $50,000 to go to college, how long do you need to work to get into profit mode?

What if you could spend under $1,000 to get started, and only have ongoing / maintenance costs of $2-300?  Then could you get into profit mode within the first year?  Or in some cases, within the first few months?  We think this makes the most business sense.

The Power of Affiliate Programs

Best Business to Start from Home

We want to tell you about the power of affiliate programs, especially affiliate programs through Network Marketing companies.  And we are going to share information about an affiliate program we’ve found that we believe is one of the best choices available.  You can use this info as a way to find the best affiliate programs with the best companies.  You want to find the one worth your time and effort, and the one that can sustainably deliver the income you want and deserve – right?

We found all of that and more with My Daily Choice. This company is strong, financially stable and in momentum, with a vision that aligns with ours, and with one of the best affiliate programs we’ve seen. And what’s awesome is My Daily Choice handles all of the product shipping and delivery, so as an affiliate, you don’t need to buy, store or ship inventory.  You can just order what you would use each month.

And what is so great is you can get paid eight different ways with this compensation plan, not just one way, like most jobs.

Who is My Daily Choice?

Josh Zwagil, who is now CEO of My Daily Choice (MDC), had created a very successful network marketing business as an affiliate with another company in his early twenties. He grew his business with them for over five years, but discovered some flaws in that company’s Compensation Plan and in how the company was being run.  Josh is incredibly smart, and decided to find a different way.

So when Josh chose to build his own network marketing / affiliate marketing company, he studied over 200 compensation plans in depth, because he wanted to create one the best affiliate programs available. He designed a marketing system and operational work flow knowing exactly the challenges people in the field face.  And he found product lines and created brands that aligned with his vision.  Ultimately, he created a plan that pulled the best from of the best. He named the company My Daily Choice, because one of his core philosophies is this: “Every Day You Have a Choice.”

How Does HempWorx Fit In?

You will notice we also talk about HempWorx below (and throughout this website), along with My Daily Choice. HempWorx is one of the fastest growing and most successful brands under the My Daily Choice umbrella, and it is the brand that first caught our attention.

The story about how the HempWorx brand and HempWorx Affiliate Program came to be is very interesting. But for now, the short version is that Jenna Zwagil (now Josh’s wife and a business woman with a very successful affiliate marketing background) discovered the power of pure, potent CBD and knew she needed to share it.

Josh then did his own research, and once he fully understood the potential, he got on board with offering pure, potent hemp-based CBD products.  And HempWorx was born as a brand under My Daily Choice.

My Daily Choice Compensation Plan

We believe that when Josh Zwagil designed the My Daily Choice compensation plan, which is also the same for HempWorx, he created it with some major differences that most affiliate and network marketing companies do not include.

As we mentioned above, we are going to give you an overview of the eight different ways of earning income with My Daily Choice.  We are also going to share some of the differences we’ve found that make it one of the best affiliate programs in the world of network marketing.

As a starting point, here are some highlights that set the My Daily Choice/HempWorx compensation plan apart:

An unheard of 85% payout on business volume

Global company shares available to every active affiliate

Car bonus with freedom on how to spend the bonus

An executive account to build your business

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – a promise not to ever change the compensation plan

Before we go on, it is important to understand that there are no guarantees regarding the income from the My Daily Choice / HempWorx opportunity. Success depends on an individual’s business skills, personal ambition, time investment and activity. (Please go to the footer on this page to review our legal disclaimers. You can also review our Income Disclosure Statement.)

So now that the legal stuff is out of the way, let’s get right to it.

8 Different Ways to Get Paid

At My Daily Choice / HempWorx, the compensation plan is really different than the plans from other companies. We thought we had seen some great plans before, but this one exceeded everything we had seen. 

Here is an overview for what you can have access to as a My Daily Choice Affiliate and as a HempWorx Affiliate.

Compensation for Your Direct Effort and More

Some of these eight ways are based on your direct efforts, and some are based on the efforts of the affiliates who join your team. As a side note, we talked to some of our friends about this to get their opinion, and they were blown away by what they saw when they reviewed this program. They said it was one of the best affiliate programs they had ever seen.

Can I Just Be A Customer

Of course! If the timing isn’t right for you to start a business right now (or if you don’t want to have your own business), you can enjoy all of our unique and trusted products as a customer. 

Join Options

There are 3 ways you can participate with My Daily Choice and HempWorx:

  • Retail Customer
  • Preferred Customer
  • Independent Affiliate

Retail Customer

A Retail Customer is someone who is a one-time purchaser who pays full retail price. A Retail Customer does not need to create an account, and can still enjoy our world-class, trusted products.

Preferred Customer / Member

Josh and Jenna Zwagil in Warehouse

Our Preferred Customers are customers who want to purchase more than once, and many end up being monthly purchasers. What is cool is that Preferred Customers receive our Member Pricing.  And to become one, you simply create a free account when you are making your first purchase.

And another cool thing about being a Preferred Customer? They get to participate in “Refer Three and Get One Free” program. If you are someone who loves to share something great you’ve found, you can earn free products.  If you refer three other people in a given calendar month who become Preferred Customers, you can choose any one of My Daily Choice products and have it shipped to you for FREE.

Plus, Preferred Customers can participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program. Many companies offer a loyalty rewards program that provides points so you can earn free products. The My Daily Choice Loyalty Program was recently launched, and far exceeds any other loyalty rewards program we’ve seen. This program is totally awesome.

Our Loyalty Rewards Program is available to Preferred Customers and Independent Affiliates who participate in the monthly auto shipment program. Every quarter that you remain on a monthly autoshipment, the amount of loyalty reward points you earn per purchase starts at 10% of business volume, and it goes all the way up to 30% of business volume after a year.  This is one of the most generous loyalty programs we’ve ever seen.  And you can change what you are ordering in your autoshipment every month if you’d like to.

How do you spend your loyalty reward points? You spend them pretty much like cash on My Daily Choice and HempWorx products. The points are even used towards the shipping of your Loyalty Rewards Points order. If you are at all interested in the My Daily Choice Loyalty Program you will want to look at the complete details here.

MDC Independent Affiliate

Two Beautiful Freelance Business Women Seller Checking Product O

And then there is the My Daily Choice Independent Affiliate program.  This is what we will focus on in the rest of this blog post, and we are really excited we get to share this with you.  We will go over the Eight Ways to Earn income with My Daily Choice.  As you review these eight ways, you will likely be able see how you can earn significant income.

As with any business, you need to put in time, effort and hard work.  You need to develop skills and use skills you already have.  You will want to follow the training we offer to leverage the amazing marketing system that is already in place and ready to go for you.  And did we mention that the entire training and marketing system is FREE?

How to Earn Income

With the My Daily Choice / HempWorx Compensation Plan, the way to earn income is by sharing the products and the Independent Affiliate program with people, and by helping people get in where they fit in.

#1 Earn Retail Commissions

As an Independent Affiliate, you can earn commission with Retail Customers. Customers purchase products from you directly or from your FREE My Daily Choice and HempWorx personalized website, also known as a replicated website. You get paid weekly on the difference between the Member Price and the Retail Price (which is approximately a 25% profit on each product sold).

In addition to receiving retail commissions, your retail customer orders count towards your Personal Volume (PV).

#2 Jump Start Bonuses

Jump Start Bonuses are really cool. So, on any first order from a Preferred Customer or Independent Affiliate who purchases through your website, you earn anywhere from 25% to 50% on business volume, depending on your ranking position. Check out this chart to see what position you want to obtain to qualify for the highest jump start bonus.

MDC Compensation Plan Jump Start Bonuses

#3 Binary Commissions

This is the heart of where residual income lives.  My Daily Choice Compensation Plan is the most aggressive plans in Network Marketing where we pay from 10% to 20% binary commission, depending on your ranking position.  We use a binary structure where commission is calculated based on the lesser team’s leg and what is important, we do not flush as long as you maintain the right amount of Personal Volume (through your own orders, or orders of Retail Customers).  So volume you are not paid on can carry over to the next monthly pay period.

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Binary Commissions

#4 Leadership Check Matching

If you are a leader, business-minded individual or an up and coming entrepreneur, and if you know how to or have a strong desire to help people to rise up and become like you, you will want to check this out.  Depending on your rank, you can earn 20% to 50% in check matching bonuses. 

The check matching concept is pretty great.  In a regular job, how many times have you trained people or helped people learn their job duties?  After doing that, did you get paid a monthly bonus based on how productive these people were for the company you worked for?  No?  We didn’t get paid for that in the corporate world either.

But by connecting your business builders to the resources, training and awesome MyDailyChoice Marketing System, and being a support system for them, you do earn income based on how your team members contribute to the growth of the company. This is paid out monthly.  Check out here how easy it is it qualify.

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Leadership Check Matching

#5 Global Bonus Pool

This is something rare in the industry, not because it doesn’t exist, but because of what is needed to qualify for it with My Daily Choice. Most network marketing companies only allow their high-level leaders to participate in this program. My Daily Choice allows everyone to participate in the Global Bonus Pool.

Every time you have 4 new Preferred Customers or Independent Affiliates in a calendar month, you receive 1 share of the Global Bonus Pool.  You can do this over and over again. So if you have 8 new Preferred Customers or Independent Affiliates who join your team in a month, you would earn 2 shares of the global pool, and so on.

Plus, every time you rank advance you receive 2 shares.

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Global Bonus Pool

The Global Bonus Pool is comprised of 2% of the My Daily Choice / HempWorx company revenue. It is split up based on the number of shares issued in a given calendar month.  You might find that this feature of the compensation plan helps move you into profit mode more quickly.

#6 Rank Incentives & Bonuses

Check this out… every time you advance to a new rank, My Daily Choice has a special one-time bonus for you.  It starts at $500 for the first rank advancement goes all the way up to $500,000 for the top rank.

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Rank Incentives

#7 VIP Auto Club

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Car Image

Other companies have a car allowance.  But what is unique about the My Daily Choice / HempWorx VIP Auto Club is it is an actual allowance.  Some companies require that you lease a particular car, but with My Daily Choice, you can use it for a new car of your choice, or your existing car payment.  The car allowance ranges from $150 – $1,000 a month.  Check out the details here.

MDC Compensation Plan Vip Auto Club

#8 Elite Expense Accounts

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Elite Expense Account Image

How would you like an expense accounts to help build your team locally or globally?  If you are a serious business builder and achieve a few of our higher ranks you earn a monthly expense account from $2,000 – $100,000.  My Daily Choice Compensation Plan likes to reward success.

Mdc Compensation Plan Elite Expense Account Chart V2

Rank Requirements

Are you interested in seeing what it takes to qualify for rank advancements?  Here are all the details in an easy-to-read chart:

MDC-HempWorx Compensation Plan Rank Qualifications Chart

My Daily Choice Marketing System

The other thing that makes My Daily Choice and HempWorx such a great business opportunity is the FREE Marketing System and FREE Training that is already in place for you.

That will be the topic for a separate blog post, but for now it’s important to know that as an Independent Affiliate, you would have access to all of this: 

FREE replicated website for your customers and affiliates to order from

Our amazing Genius App that allows you to text links to prospects and send samples.

Access to over 30 FREE capture pages, some that are specific to whichever My Daily Choice brands you are most interested in promoting

A pre-built email marketing funnel for prospects

Customer/Affiliate Prospect database that provides you with contact info, past order info and the ability to email individuals or groups

FREE training on everything from getting started to using social media and more

Many companies charge as much as $50 per month for these kinds of tools. Because our founders were network marketers and affiliate marketers before they started My Daily Choice, they understand these are tools that will help you build a successful business, and provide them for FREE!

But more on that later…

For now, we hope you’ve found this information useful!

See a FREE VIDEO of Josh Zwagil explaining the affiliate program, compensation plan and more here:

We hope you find this info useful!  If you want to see the full compensation plan, just click here or click on that Watch Video button above.  This will give you access to the complete compensation plan and other great information about the MyDailyChoice and HempWorx Affiliate programs, training and marketing system.

To an abundant future,


Rick & Shana

MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliates



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