HempWorx CBD Oil Ingredients

Below are labels for the three different sizes of HempWorx Full Spectrum CBD Oil and HempWorx THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.  Both oils are available in HempWorx 500, HempWorx 750 and HempWorx 1500 sizes.  The sizes indicate the number of CBD mg in a full bottle.  We have also included the label for HempWorx 250 for Pets.

Because we now have so many great flavors, we have provided our own Hempworx CBD Oil review below. 

One question people have is how much CBD is there in a serving?  To calculate the amount of CBD per serving, divide the total number of mg by 50.  Each bottle has 50 servings, and a serving is equivalent to a dropperful (which is approximately 20 drops of oil).

For example, with HempWorx 500, there are 500mg of CBD oil in the bottle.  Take 500 and divide it by 50, and you learn each serving of HempWorx 500 is 10mg of HempWorx CBD Oil.

Click here for Recommended Amount of CBD for humans.  Click here for Recommended Amount of CBD for Pets.

HempWorx CBD Oil Review of Flavors

We have a great selection of flavors.

For pets, we recommend the Natural flavor CBD oil or our 250mg Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Pets.  And here is an overview of our other flavors (based on our tastebuds):

HempWorx CBD Oil Flavors
  • Natural: tastes a bit nutty, and there is a slight bitter taste.  This is the CBD we recommend for cats, large dogs and horses, as well as CBD purists.
  • Bacon: honestly haven’t tried, but Dogs love it!
  • Mint: ours is a very soft, gentle mint flavor – a long time favorite of many.
  • Cinnamon:  spicy & naturally sweet – reminds me of the flavor of Red Hots candy.
  • Strawberry Guava:  this is our current favorite – its a mild flavor, lightly sweetened with Stevia, and extremely enjoyable.
  • Orange Sunshine:  we just tried this one and it is yummy – it tastes like orange with a little bit of orange peel flavor and a slight sweetness (from Stevia).
  • Watermelon Mint and Lemon Lime are our other new flavors.  We haven’t tasted those yet, but once we do, we will update this blog post!

We have two other new flavors that we have not yet had a chance to try:  Watermelon Mint and Lemon Lime.  When we do try them, we’ll give you an update!


More about HempWorx CBD Oil Ingredients

Because we are label-readers, we wanted to provide you with easy-to-read versions of the labels so you could easily see the HempWorx CBD Oil ingredients.  We hope you find this useful!

Also, we are very proud that our CBD is grown without pesticides or herbicides, is non-GMO and uses hemp grown using organic methods.  And we love that our CBD oil is tested to ensure it does not contain contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals.  This, along with the purity and potency of HempWorx CBD oil is why we decided to become affiliates and share it with you.  To see the third-party lab test results for HempWorx CBD oil, click here.

CBD Oil Ingredients – Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Natural
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Peppermint
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Cinnamon
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Strawberry Guava
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Orange Sunshine
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Watermelon Mint
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Label - Hempworx Cbd Oil Lemon Lime
CBD Oil Ingredients – THC-Free
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Natural
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Peppermint
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Cinnamon
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Strawberry Guava
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Orange Sunshine
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Watermelon Mint
THC Free HempWorx Cbd Oil Lemon Lime
CBD Oil Ingredients – 250mg CBD Oil for Pets
CBD for Dogs - HempWorx CBD Oil 250mg

Ready to Order?

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Add them to your cart – and you will get the member price just by creating a free account when you place your order.

We hope you find this helpful.


Rick & Shana Frey
HempWorx Independent Affiliates




  1. Marjorie Nichols

    I am curious about your labeling. For example, on the bottle for Hempworx 750 it clearly says there are only 15 mg. of cannabidiol per serving. Is the 750 referring to the total amount in the bottle? It is a little misleading to me not to make it plain that per serving a consumer is getting 15 mgs, not 750 mgs. People who don’t know won’t necessarily know!

    • rickandshana

      Hi Marjorie – I understand the confusion. It took me some time at first to understand CBD labeling. This is how it seems to be done industry-wide in the CBD arena. The bottles list how many total mg are in the bottle, then when you go to the detailed label, it shows how many mg per serving and how many drops of oil make up a serving. That’s one reason I wrote this blog post: https://rickandshana.com/cbd-dosage/

      We are distributors of this product and don’t have control over the naming or labeling, but I hope this info helps!




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