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Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure:  On this site, we may include links to products and services that we may earn an affiliate commission from if you make a purchase.  We’ve created this blog to help educate you on the possibilities that exist for improving your quality of life with HempWorx and My Daily Choice, and these commissions help fund the blog so we can continue on this mission.

Affiliate Program: If you choose to become an affiliate of HempWorx and My Daily Choice, there are no guarantees regarding the income you will earn. The success or failure of each Affiliate, like in any other business, depends upon each Affiliate’s skill set and personal effort. To protect the legal standing of the Company, and protect our Independent Affiliates from making unsubstantiated income claims, we have developed the MyDailyChoice Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). The MyDailyChoice IDS is designed to display truthful information regarding the income generated from the MyDailyChoice Compensation Plan. Please click here to review our Income Disclosure Statement.

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