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About Rick & Shana

Welcome to our site!
Our names are Rick & Shana and our vision is to provide choices to support you in living your best life. We bring you products and opportunities so you can create the lifestyle you want, not the one given to you. We connect you with possibilities and resources to support you in achieving your dreams, taking you to a place where there are no limits.
Welcome to our site!
Our names are Rick & Shana and our vision is to provide choices to support you in living your best life. We bring you products and opportunities so you can create the lifestyle you want, not the one given to you. We connect you with possibilities and resources to support you in achieving your dreams, taking you to a place where there are no limits.
Discovering HempWorx and MyDailyChoice

We first learned about HempWorx, a MyDailyChoice brand, from a couple who are both friends and business mentors of ours. We researched the company, the compensation plan and quality of the products and were impressed. The training, marketing system, resources and leadership team are second to none, and offer EVERYONE, from any background, the opportunity to succeed at a work-from-home business.

We believe everything starts with a choice, a daily decision to live your best life with high quality products, resources and lucrative opportunities – and partnering with MyDailyChoice allows us to offer that to you.  Becoming an independent affiliate with this company is one of the best decisions we have made (second only to us getting married), and if this interests you, click here to get all the details

We love being able to offer high quality, pure and consciously developed CBD products for you and your fur babies, along with a home-based business opportunity in an industry that is taking the world by storm.  As the HempWorx CBD brand grew, we were excited to see the product offerings grow from CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Pet Products and CBD Topicals, like our CBD Dog Treats, CBD Relief Cream and CBD Skin Care, to include CBD gummies, CBD bath bombs, CBD softgels and more.  We even have CBD-infused coffee for you and a full hemp-infused hair and body care line.

After we started using and sharing the amazing HempWorx CBD and hemp-infused products, and work-from-home business opportunity, we started learning more about the other brands offered by MyDailyChoice.  Through MyDailyChoice, we are also excited to offer you our highly absorbable Daily Sprays for wellness made from clean, effective ingredients, unique Mantra Essential Oil chakra blends, single essential oils and botanical scents, and access to Akashx, an amazing Forex and Cryptocurrency trading education system. We even have our High Life travel program so you can access great travel discounts, price match guarantees and earn points towards free travel as you enjoy your life.


Daily Sprays

Mantra Essential Oils

High Life Travel


Our Story

We are excited you chose to click the about us tab to read our story, because we really enjoy sharing with you how we met and what we are up to. We met at a West Coast Swing Dance Camp over New Year’s 2000, on the eve on the Millenium, in Bakersfield, California (which happens to be hundreds of miles away from where we each were living at the time). As many people say, “Timing is everything”.

We began our long-distance dating relationship in January 2000, commuting every other week to see one another on weekends, Rick from San Diego and Shana from North Hollywood (the drive was 2-4 hours, depending on traffic). Some times we would meet somewhere in between to take a weeknight dance class, or at a weekend swing dance event. After two years of long-distance dating, Shana was looking to make a career move and Rick was looking for her to make the move to San Diego :-). Isn’t it great when life works out so everyone gets what they want?

With our new living arrangement, we were able to do even more dancing, play tennis, enjoy desert camping, hiking and boulder climbing with friends at Joshua Tree National Monument, and we even managed to fit in some awesome annual winter trips to Idyllwild where we rented a cabin with 8-10 friends. But the best thing? We were able to develop a deeper and closer relationship with each other.

Desert camping together was new for us. Rick grew up in a small town on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, where he learned to work hard and live life in an environment that was often cold and challenging. And Shana was born and raised as a city girl in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California where she embraced more of the comforts of life. So, camping meant different things to us… Rick upgraded his 2-person pup tent to a big 5-person tent that easily fit a queen size airbed. Some people dispute whether this is really camping or not. But after following Shana’s lead, Rick discovered the comfort of an air bed definitely surpassed sleeping on a rocky ground. Rick learned his ideas were definitely improved (despite becoming a bit more expensive) with Shana’s input. Doing things together, being partners and sharing thoughts, ideas and life was turning out to be a really good thing.

We were married in November 2006, and had an amazing wedding, where we wrote our own vows and created a day that was unique to us. Neither of us are really into drinking alcohol, so at our wedding, instead of having a traditional cocktail hour while we had pictures taken, we had a “craft hour” where people got to create holiday ornaments for us that we still use today. Our first dance was beautifully choreographed by a friend of ours. And we had an awesome party with lots of dancing as our wedding reception.

Where we live in San Diego, we are only a few minutes from the ocean and when we hear the word ocean we think… Boogie Boarding! It is amazing how riding the Pacific Ocean waves at the Del Mar beach on a small Styrofoam board can be soooo much fun. We would laugh and laugh as the 4 foot waves would gently carry us gently to the sandy shore. Then we would stand up, look at one another and say “Let’s do it again.” We would run back out to where the water was about chest high, wait for another wave to sail us back to the shore again laughing all the way in. If you are ever in the area, Boogie Boarding is a must-do activity to check off your bucket list – and if you need a board, we have a couple of extra ones to share.

Shana has a corporate business background managing technical teams and software/telecom implementation projects and Rick works in Information Technology (IT) for the State of California. We both really liked our careers, and yet had an entrepreneurial spirit, so we like the gratification of building a second business working from home. We also enjoy being social and like to share what we learn with our friends, so we found direct sales (or some people know it as network marketing) was a great fit for us.

We appreciate working with people of like minds, and we especially enjoy connecting people with resources and mentors that allow them to become successful and turn their dreams into reality. One thing both of us find extremely satisfying is to be that part of someone’s life that makes an impact, improving peoples’ self-confidence and self-esteem from an “I can do it” belief.

We were enjoying life, making plans, playing, working and building our home-based business, but Shana started experiencing some chronic health challenges in 2008, and by 2012, she was no longer able to do corporate work. In 2015, Shana was diagnosed with chronic late-stage Lyme disease and multiple co-infections. Since it had gone undetected for many years, it it is a challenge to get control of the complications it brings and body systems it can damage. Shana has now also been diagnosed with POTS, autoimmune issues, and recently had a spinal CSF leak patched. If you know anyone with chronic Lyme disease, POTS, or other invisible illnesses, you know what a debilitating lifestyle it can create. Luckily, we have some of the best doctors and medical practitioners in our corner, but it just takes time to unlock all the effects these illnesses bring.

We bring this up because one thing we’ve experienced, despite having fairly good health insurance, is that as we’ve added doctors to our health team, rising costs have followed closely behind. If you have ever been in situation where you have had residual bills, but only a linear income, you know how uncertain that can be. Being diversified with an extra work-from-home business with flexible hours and creating it to be as self-sustaining as possible has helped us to live a consistent life style as the bills created a roller coaster of uncertainties. Shana is great at staying focused on healing, and Rick is great at supporting her along this journey. What keeps us both going is a clear vision of the fun things we will be getting back to. This is just one reason we are passionate about helping others do the same.

We thank you for reading our story and allowing us to share a part of our life with you. We hope you are embracing the joyful times you find in your life and are able to celebrate your life with your friends and the people you cross paths with.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Rick & Shana Frey
Connecting People with Possibilities
MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliates
Earnings Disclaimer:
There are no guarantees regarding the income from the MyDailyChoice / HempWorx opportunity. The success or failure of each Affiliate, like in any other business, depends upon each Affiliates’ skill set and personal effort. Earning levels for Independent Affiliates are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon individual Affiliates business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors.
MyDailyChoice is committed to meeting all legal and compliance requirements in the Direct Selling industry. In order to protect the legal standing of the Company, and protect our Independent Affiliates from making unsubstantiated income claims, we have developed the MyDailyChoice Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). The MyDailyChoice IDS is designed to display truthful information regarding the income generated from the MyDailyChoice Compensation Plan. For average MDC Affiliate Earnings, please View The Income Disclosure Statement