Daily Sprays

Portable Sprays For Your Daily Wellness



Strengthens hair, skin and nails to support a more vibrant and healthy appearance.

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Supports a healthy libido by improving blood flow and circulatory function.

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Core Keto

A Keto BHB spray to support a healthy Keto diet and exercise regimen.


A quick and easy spray for cellular energy.


A quick and easy spray for cellular energy.


A quick and easy spray for cellular energy.


A relaxing spray when you need peaceful rest and a natural sleeping remedy.


The advanced weight loss formula to help you nail your targets.

Ultra CZ

A simple immune support spray and immune system booster for your health and wellness.


A simple pick-me-up spray to get you through your day.


A focused dose of ingredients that form a nootropic supplement and support healthy cognitive function.

About Daily Sprays

The new formula developed by Daily Sprays are more concentrated and effective than ever. These portable sprays are ideal for vitamin intake and convenient for busy people on-the-go. Choose your spray based on your targeted effect and get through the day.

Tested and formulated with natural ingredients, with extensive 3rd party testing ensures that these sprays and good for the body and made with the highest quality ingredients.

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New Formula with proven ingredients

Avoid the harmful toxins and fillers that can come with pills. Take full advantage of your daily wellness with our Daily Sprays. Our pocket-sized sprays are easy to transport and great for boosting your everyday performance and support your immune health.

The Benefits of Daily Sprays

Perfected Formulas

Our products are inspected and tested by 3rd-party labs for effectiveness and overall wellness.

Concentrated Blends

Our new formula delivers the most concentrated mix of ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

Only the Best Ingredients

Daily Sprays contain ingredients that contribute to healthy daily activity and overall wellness.

Travel Size

Our pocket-sized sprays can go anywhere with you. They are the perfect size for people on-the-go who want to prioritize their health.

Clean Ingredients

Daily Sprays ingredients are clean and clinically proven to support immune health, and give you the benefits of superfruits and natural antioxidants.

Sublingual Delivery

Our spray delivery system yields fast and effective results. See the benefits of a portable spray mist, as it absorbs faster than traditional pills.

Our Testing Process

Our testing process ensures that a product will not be released to customers until the formula is tested by a 3rd party lab for no allergens, heavy metals, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and pesticides. This way, our customers can be sure that our products are clean and actually good for you!

We give our customers the confidence they deserve by offering a 60-day money back guarantee and being transparent with our formulas and testing processes.