6 Ways to Energize Your Intentions

Let’s talk about how to energize your intentions for the new year by using a powerful combination of mantras and our 6 new essential oil fragrances.

Why Positive Mindsets Make a Difference

Postive Mindsets Are ImportantYour mind is powerful, and that is why positive mindsets make a difference. Positive mindsets can actually impact the outcomes in your life. But wanting to have a positive mindset, and having one can be two very different things.

So, we want to share a way to help you keep a positive mindset, using the power of simple mantras, or a simple powerful mantra, along with natural essential oil blends.

Do Mantras Impact Positive Mindsets?

The power of positivity can be incredible. And positive mindsets are attitudes people have who expect good and desired results. Now just to clarify, this is not about expecting something, as in feeling entitled, but instead is about expecting as in trusting good and desired results are available to you.

Repeating and reinforcing a mantra is a great way to use the power of your mind to up your mental game and create the happiness, success and sense of fulfillment you want in your life. And when you combine mantras with other powerful methods of engaging your subconscious mind, like tapping into your brain’s limbic system, you are energizing your intentions exponentially.

What is a Mantra?

Meditation With Mantra For SuccessA mantra is a few simple words that can keep you going when it feels like you can’t go anymore. Mantras are a way your mind can help you get to the next step towards your goal. They are short, positive and actionable words that can be used as a way to help you get out of bed when you don’t want to, or over that next hill.

Mantras can be motivational or funny. What’s important is that you feel something positive when you read, hear or say your mantra. The feeling can be energized, loved, peaceful, calm, grounded or anything else that feels good.

Instead of being a physical way to push yourself, mantras are a gentle way to allow your mind support you in achieving your goals. And if there’s anything we’ve learned over the years from all the amazing pro athletes and Olympic contenders, it’s about the power of the mind. By repeating your mantra, you can direct your mind away from negative thoughts, feelings and distractions, and focus your mind on helpful thoughts, feelings and experiences you want in your life.

Mindset: Key Factors for Success

Key Factors For Success DaisieswithkeyAuthor Amy Morin wrote a great article in Inc. Magazine where she says, “No matter what your goals are, your mental game is the key to success.”

In this article, she talks about how powerful your thought process is in increasing your chances of success in anything you do.

Below are some of the behaviors she mentions that are key factors for success.

Key Factors for Success

  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Stay mindful
  • Visualize success
  • Use positive self-talk

In an interesting article about how positive self talk in athletes improves performance, one of the key pieces of advice is to choose one or two mantras that create a visual picture for you, and build on them as you repeat them enough that they become part of your daily self-talk.

Simple Mantras Key Factors For SuccessTom Brady, the New England Patriot’s quarterback who led his team to an incredible 6th Super Bowl championship, has said his greatest life lesson has to do with positive thinking.

LeBron James, basketball great who led the Los Angeles Lakers to a record-breaking 17th NBA Championship has an “Intro to Mental Fitness” course on the Calm app because he knows how critical a positive mindset is to success.

Sports not your thing? Famous actors and television personalities, like Oprah, Meryl Streep, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Aniston and more, understand the power of mindset and mantras. Mantras are a great way to help you achieve the happiness and success you want in life.

Finding a Positive Mantra

When it comes to mantras, it’s great to find examples and see what you resonate with, or connect with. There are a number of ways to find a positive mantra that really works for you. You can search for examples of mantras, positive mantras, or you can be more specific in your search. For example, you might want to find a mantra about improving self-confidence, trusting your intuition, or mantras for happiness and how to practice self-love.

Examples of Mantras

“I am open to the fullness of my power.”
“In every moment, peace is a choice.”
“Everything I need is already within me.”
“I am the sky. All else is just weather.”
“I release this day.” (this is a great mantra for the end of the day)
“I am Confident in who I am and my Abilities.”
“I carry Strength and Reslience within me. I can achieve Anything.”
“I am Connected to the Endless Abundance of the universe.”
“I am the Powerful Creator of my own Destiny.”
“I am Worth Finding, worth Knowing and worth Loving.”
“I Love Myself and allow myself to be Loved Fully.”

These are some examples of mantras we resonate with. See what you resonate with. (And one of the great things about mantras is, if you like part of it, but not all of it, you can change it to what works for you, what generates the feeling you are looking for.

I Am - a Simple Mantra

Powerful Examples of Mantras in Real Life

Positive Mindsets Key Factors For SuccessYears ago, while still in a corporate job, Shana decided she wanted to do telecom consulting work. (She had excellent telecommunications knowledge and skills.) A friend reminded her of the power of mantras. Shana set an alarm for 8am each day and when it went off, she simply said, “I am a telecommunications consultant.”

Along with saying it, she would visualize what that could look like and focused for a moment on feeling how great it would be to use her telecom skills in a consulting role with a flexible schedule.

After she left her corporate job, she ended up getting several telecommunications consulting roles. She had great experience and skills in the area of telecommunications, but had never done telecom consulting before. She did do the work to let people know she was available, but was pleasantly surprised at how many jobs came her way.

One of her jobs involved designing and installing a system for an airport air control tower “red phone” emergency system. The telephone system was used to open an intercom channel to the airport police, airport fire department and 911 center to announce a runway crash or fire, and it even triggered airport firehouse doors to open so the trucks could get to the fire quickly.

Shana also got consulting jobs helping a large restaurant chain do a phone system implementation for multiple locations, working for a local county to help implement and train users on a new voicemail system, helping implement and train users at a large hospital on a new VoIP telephone system and more. This is how powerful a positive mantra can be.

Another example of a mantra is “Everything you need is already INSIDE”, a quote by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, used by Kelsey-Lee Roberts, Olympic Javelin competitor, according to an article in Vogue.

“A positive mindset is rooted in a sense of gratitude, and that helps us tap into the reality of abundance.” 


How to Incorporate Simple Mantras into your Life

Mantras For MeditationYou’ll find many ways to incorporate mantras into your life, if you look for them. You can incorporate mantras into meditation, or just use them as thoughts to repeat when you find yourself out in nature.

One way is to simply have a post-it note with your mantra (or mantras) on places like your bathroom mirror or on a kitchen cupboard door. Each time you see it, take a few seconds to read it and say it and feel it. Another way is to memorize the simple mantra, and set an alarm to remind you to say it, visualize it and feel it for a few seconds each day, like Shana did with her telecom consulting example.

Another powerful way to incorporate mantras in your life is to combine the power of the limbic system in the brain, which responds powerfully to aromas or scents, with mantras. What the heck is a limbic system, you ask?

What is the Limbic System?

Glad you asked! The limbic system is a part of your brain that plays a role in motivation, emotion, learning and memory (and in many unconscious physiological functions, including breathing, heart rate and blood pressure). It even plays a role in reinforcing behavior. Aromatherapy works to stimulate the limbic system because scent can actually travel faster to the brain than sight or sound. Pretty cool, right?

You might have noticed familiar smells can trigger emotions or memories. Think how smelling an apple pie might remind you of your grandma’s house or of the fun you had making pies with your mom. Perhaps the smell of hot chocolate brings back memories of a great time at a ski lodge or of a fun snow day. Or the scent of a cologne might waft by and bring back memories of your high school boyfriend, and this might trigger good emotions or not-so-good emotions.

This is your limbic system in action.

So how would you incorporate a simple mantra into your life using the power of the limbic system to help increase the impact of the mantra? You can do this by using essential oils and mantras together. This is the perfect way to engage the power of your subconscious mind.

Combining Essential Oils and Mantras

Essential Oil Perfume BlendsEssential oils are used in aromatherapy, which has been used for over five millennia in ancient cultures ranging from Chinese to Egyptian to Greek, and more. Long before modern medical knowledge about how scents engage the limbic system, our ancestors understood the power of aromas. And mantras have been used for thousands of years in Buddhism to affect our physical vibration and impact our perception or circumstances over time in positive ways.

Perhaps you’ve had an aromatherapy massage, where a massage therapist incorporates essential oil aromas to help relax and soothe, or to bring feelings of rejuvenation. If you know the scents are being used to help you relax, you might even unconsciously be using a mantra that helps amplify the feelings of relaxation as you breathe the aroma in deeply.

When you consciously combine a mantra with the power of the limbic system, you can increase the impact of your mantra exponentially. Combining the two allows you to leverage the part of your brain that plays a role in motivation, learning and reinforcing behavior. It’s powerful to use both together.

Introducing Mantra Scents: Essential Oil Fragrances

If you’ve read our bio, you’ll know we love connecting people with possibilities and resources. We want to connect you with ideas, products and tools that support you in creating the lifestyle you want, and support you in achieving your dreams, taking you to a place where there are no limits.

So when MyDailyChoice launched our Mantra Scents, our essential oil perfume blends designed to energize your intentions, we couldn’t wait to share them with you. And what better time to tell you about them than now, when you are setting intentions and creating what you want for yourself in the new year.

What are Mantra Scents?

Mantra Essential Oil FragrancesImagine a fragrance, a natural perfume, created from a stunning and synergistic blend of essential oils and botanicals, mixed into a pure carrier oil, and infused with intention.

Each essential oil fragrance was developed to specifically help you energize your intentions throughout the day, whether your intention is about love, abundance, being resilient, feeling empowered, worthy or confident. Each fragrance is made from a carefully selected blend of essential oils and botanicals that can stimulate your senses and focus your mind on positive intention.

Amazing, right?

Mantra Essential Oil Perfume Blends

Each essential oil perfume blend comes in beautiful packaging that includes mantras or affirmations you can use, or you can choose your own. They are incredible as gifts, or as a gift to yourself as a way to start off the new year. Click here to Shop Mantra Botanical Scents or keep reading to learn more.

With Mantra Scents… embrace your sense of significance, improve your confidence for the day. Feel powerful, abundant, resilient or loved, as you choose the scent and mantra combination that will support you.

MANTRA Botanical Scents
Our MANTRA Scents are a unique line of essential oil fragrances plus botanical scents,  created to cultivate distinct affirmations throughout your day.

MANTRA Confident

For feeling strong, worthy and worth the extra effort.  Top notes include Mandarin and Bergamot with mid notes of Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine and Mimosa, finished with base notes of Vetiver, Vanilla, Musk, Tonka Bean and Patchouli.  Try this mantra: “I am Confident in who I am and my Abilities.”

MANTRA Resilient

For rising up, bouncing back and feeling unencumbered to achieve and flourish. Top notes include Lemon, Apple and Citron with mid notes of Bluebell, Jasmine and White Rose, finished with base notes of Cedar, Amber and Musk. Try this mantra: “I carry Strength and Reslience within me. I can achieve Anything.”

MANTRA Abundant

For infusing your day with enjoyment, fulfillment and natural flow.  Top notes include Lychee, Lush Pear, Black Currant and Cardamom with mid notes of Passionfruit, Hyacinth, Pink Freesia and Rose, finished with base notes of Sandalwood and Musk.  Try this mantra: “I am Connected to the Endless Abundance of the universe.”

MANTRA Powerful

For resetting your thoughts, rekindling your day and igniting your inner drive.  Top notes include Black Currant, Bergamot and Pinkberry with mid notes of Rose, Jasmine and Patchouli, finished with base notes of Birch, Oak Moss, Vanilla and Musk.  Try this mantra: “I am the Powerful Creator of my own Destiny.”


For focusing on feelings of acceptance, honor and self worth.  Top notes include Iris, Hibiscus and Ambrette with mid notes of Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang, finished with base notes of Sandalwood, Musk and Sweet Peaches.  Try this mantra: “I am Worth Finding, worth Knowing and worth Loving.”


For feeling the confidence, serenity and fulfillment that comes with giving and receiving love.  Top notes include Bergamot, Blackberry and Pear with mid notes of Orange Blossom, Iris and Jasmine, finished with base notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Patchouli.  Try this mantra: “I Love Myself and allow myself to be Loved Fully.” 

Set your intentions for the new year and energize them with our unique Mantra Scents.

Obtain the resilience to find self-worth, the worth to radiate confidence. When you are resilient, you realize your power, and you can finally open yourself up to a life of abundance.

As always, we wish you great success on your journey towards the life you want to live!  We would love to hear which scent and mantra is your favorite.  Please drop us a note with your story!


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