The Dead Sea helps with Mature Skin, Acne, Eczema and More!

see before and after pictures with with Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Minerals

Find out what skincare made from Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Mud & Dead Sea Minerals can do for you… when people come to Seacret spa parties, here’s what happens for them…

They Look Great, Feel Great and say WOW!  

Take a look at some of the Before & After pictures from Seacret Spa Parties and after using Seacret products for just one week.  And check out all of our products at  (Oh – and here’s one more great thing… the prices you see on the website?  We have a Preferred Customer program where you can get 50-60% off those prices!!!  Just ask us about it!)

After using our foot lotion infused with Dead Sea Minerals and Tea Tree Oil

A friend Before and after using Recover Masque for 15 minutes

Before our Recover Mask and After

Our friend after using the Seacret Recover Day Masque for 15 minutes

Before Recover and After

Our neighbor in her 70s after using the Seacret Recover Day Masque for 20 minutes.

We have an incredible mud soap and mineral rich mud mask.  This picture is our friend Allan after two weeks of using our mud soap and mineral rich mud mask.  Now this was a while ago.  We saw Allan just the other night, and I wish we’d had a camera with us.  He looked amazing.  His skin tone was even, and he had no acne at all.
This is our friend Zack after 7 days of using the same products.  And you should see him now – his skin is perfectly smooth – not even any acne scars.  What makes these products so different is the dead sea salts and dead sea minerals.  They are really amazing.


Do you know anyone with dry, cracked heels?  We have a foot cream that is incredible… use it at night – put it on then put on some comfy socks and go off to slumberland.  These are the results our friend Gloria saw after one week.  She started with our salt & oil scrub, rinsed it off, then used the foot cream each night:


Gloria used our Salt and Oil Scrub, then our Foot Cream for 1 week. Wow.

One of our other INCREDIBLE products is our Mineral Rich Peeling Gel.  Its an exfoliator that is gentle, but so powerful the results seem to be almost like a peel that you would pay $150-250 for!  Did you know that up to 70% of wrinkles are caused by dead skin?

Did you know that 70% of wrinkles come from unexfoliated dead skin?  And the other reason we get wrinkles is because we stop producing collagen as early as age 25, so unless we have a way to signal our skin to produce more collagen, our skin starts to change.



Here are my own before and after pictures:


These are pictures of me as I’ve used our Mineral Rich Peeling Gel.

So come on over to one of our spa parties, or call/email us if you want more info!

Here’s to looking and feeling great!